About us

Invest in Bali with trust with a dedicated team

Bali entre Amis is the first villas builder in Bali since 2008. Our family company had already fullfil more than 300 clients. Choose Bali entre amis for your villa it’s making the choice of safety


Philippe Lozach

Real Estate expert since 20 years, Philippe chose the Indonesian adventure in Bali in 2007.

This common adventure with his wife Christine (interior decorator) takes shape with the creation of the PT / PMA BALI BETWEEN FRIENDS.

Rapidly the success is there with the creation of 8 subsidiaries. (Rental, management, land research, decoration, creation company, installation assistance, furniture, architecture)

Philippe with his partner Gede the Mason finds for you the grounds, prepares the plans of your projects with his cabinet of architects and accompanies you throughout your project. he is your mastermind.

The experience of the last 11 years has enabled more than 135 customers to live their dream of investing in Bali.

Live or invest in Bali to enjoy it as our French customers who trust us discover Bali Entre Amis and contact us.

Our houses are beautiful, well built, beautifully decorated for some thanks to Christine’s wife Philippe.

Gede Riasa

Since the year 2000 Gede Riasa, Balinese builder has built more than a hundred villas of all styles.
Some of Balinese inspiration, others more modern combining Balinese know-how with the European standards of construction.
Gede has a team of architects, landscape designers and construction crews.

This craftsman will provide you the best service in the respect of specifications making your purchase a good that will be built in the respect of a job well done.

Gede Riasa has a team on a human scale, he is available and listens to his customers owners to give them complete satisfaction:


After-sales service, administrative follow-up of your project

Its strengths are:

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